Raising The Standard

With more than 15,000 hours of experience in web marketing and project management, Travis Smith founded Content AllStars in 2012.  Travis is also the co-founder of ZOUNation Magazine, and he has provided marketing strategies for industry leaders and authorities including:

He also wrote “Lift: Discover How Your Local Business Will Grow With Google,” which he used as a course curriculum while teaching search engine marketing at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

At Content All Stars, the guiding conviction is simple: If you want more out of life, raise your standards. Continuously improve. This belief governs everything we do.

In all of our project endeavors, the goal is to raise the standard. Standards of presentation, communication, market positioning and campaign effectiveness.


Treasuring Relationships Above All Else

Travis and Jenn in Breckenridge, CO

Travis and Jenn in Breckenridge, CO

Travis and his wife, Jenn, make up the foundation of Content AllStars. Jenn specializes in design and handling the day-to-day visual creativity. Travis specializes in overarching strategy, marketing expertise, and client relations. They photograph as a team.

Travis and Jenn are often asked, “What’s it like spending 24/7 with your spouse, working together in the same business?”

Just as the founders of this company value each other, they value clients. Content AllStars is not a transactional company.

Jenn and Travis value relationships above all else — it’s all about people. If they are ever faced with a decision that pits a customer’s best interests against financial gain, they always choose to benefit the customer. This is one of Content AllStars’ core values.

Making A Difference Is a Moral Imperative

Beginning at age seven, and continuing through his achievement of Eagle Scout rank at age 14, Travis was heavily impacted by the Boy Scouts and “The Scout Law.” Words like honor, duty, helpfulness, courtesy, kindness and bravery are all concepts deeply rooted in Travis and in Content AllStars.

For Travis and Jenn, making a difference is a moral imperative.